Imagine a car that has great performance, agility, and handling that is all-around incredibly fun to drive. It can’t get much better than that, can it? Now, imagine that car having head-turning, jaw-dropping good looks and astounding technological features. That’s pretty impressive, but what if that car was a hybrid that could get up to 42 miles to the gallon? Does such a car even exist? Lexus says that it does. It’s the new Ct 200h, and it’s asking you to experience “the dark side of green.”

Upon first glance, you can tell right away that this is a Lexus. There’s no doubting that it’s a beautiful car. Your attention is immediately drawn to its angular, swept headlights that seem to challenge whilst framing a chrome-accented grille that sports a large Lexus badge with a blue accent, borrowed from the third generation Prius. The front-end is very Lexus IS inspired, which will either bore or excite you. Its shapely side mirrors are reminiscent of your typical performance-oriented sports car and feature unique, rounded turn indicators that border the edges. Strongly pronounced body lines give this car a sleek, muscular look and accent the car’s raked, sweeping profile.

Even at a stand-still, this car looks like it’s racing down the highway. What’s so special about this car is the fact that it isn’t another Lexus sport sedan, but a hatchback, giving it a youthful and adventurous personality. As it goes by, you can see that the rear of this car is just as beautiful. Very aggressive taillights immediately grasp your attention, almost taunting you, with their streamlined and futuristic LED design. A crease on the hatch arcs from one light to another and proudly encases the Lexus badge. The bumper is subtle, and its accent lines suggest it was raised right out from the wheel wells. It is a very attractive look.

Let’s talk about what we all want to know. What’s under the hood? Well, it’s powered by both a gas engine and an electric engine, just like any other hybrid. On the gas side, the Lexus Ct 200h packs a 1.8 liter dual cam 4 cylinder engine that totals to 98 horsepower. Not what most would call quick, but paired with the electric engine which boosts the car to 138 total horsepower, it becomes a respectable duo. With a top speed of 113 MPH, this may not be an acceleration lover’s dream car. On electric power alone, the car can go no further than 2 miles and no faster than 28 MPH before the gas motor kicks in to assist. It seems unimpressive, but it’s perfect for those who make a lot of short trips around residential areas. For those people, this feature will end up saving them lots of fuel in the long-run.

This may be a hybrid, but it’s also a luxury car. This means you should expect luxury features, a category in which the Ct 200h is not lacking. Then interior of this car is absolutely stunning. There’s no lack of quality to be seen. With its racing-inspired looks and several color combinations to choose from, you can turn the inside of your Lexus into your own personal cockpit. With full XM service capability and a beautiful navigation system using Remote Touch technology, you’ll be entertained and in the know with this hybrid. Though this car can have quite a lengthy list of features, Lexus does a great job simplifying their usage. The amount of buttons on the dash is quite minimal compared to some other luxury vehicle interiors. The interior is not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally-friendly. The materials used inside of this vehicle are 85% recyclable and the sound system uses 50% less power than conventional systems.

Surprisingly, this car is the less expensive than any other vehicle in the Lexus fleet to begin with. The base model starts at around $30,000, but it can easily become a $40,000 car if you get carried away adding options. The Ct 200h may not be the fastest car, but it offers a great balance between fun and responsibility. With this hybrid hatchback, you can still enjoy spirited, Lexus-style driving, while getting great mileage and enjoying the benefits of a luxury car.