As more and more hybrid cars are being introduced on the market, more and more people are beginning to purchase them.  In fact, hybrid cars are fast-be coming the "hottest" thing around.  Not only are they economical cars, but they are also environmentally friendly!!

Each year, there are many different styles and makes of hybrid cars made and bought.  In fact, when many of the uninitiated look at some of the new cars, they are surprised to find out that they are hybrid cars!  There is no difference in looks from the hybrid cars to the normal, everyday cars any more.  However, there is quite a difference in prices between the hybrids and non-hybrid vehicles – band in fact, the price difference can often be that a hybrid costs almost twice as much as a non-hybrid vehicle!  However, because of all the safety features, as well as other features they come with, many think the price of them is worth it.

There are many different hybrid cars for people to choose from, ranging from compact cars to full size cars to sports utility vehicles!  Some of the newest hybrid cars that are on the market (to mention just a few) are;

  • 2006 Chevrolet Silverado hybrid
  • 2007 Ford Escape hybrid
  • 2006 GMC Sierra hybrid
  • 2006 Honda Accord hybrid
  • 2006 Honda Civic hybrid
  • 2007 Lexus GS 450 hybrid

Not only are there hybrid cars that have been around for quite a few years now, but there are also many makes and styles of cars that are expected to hit the market soon.  Some of "expected" models of cars we can look forward to in the next year or so include:

  • 2008 Saturn Green Line Vue hybrid
  • 2008 Cadillac Escalade hybrid
  • 2008/2009 Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan hybrid
  • 2008/2009 Hyundai Accent/Kia Rio hybrid
  • 2008/2009 Toyota Prius hybrid
  • 2008 Mercedes S-Class hybrid

Why buy a hybrid?

There are many reasons why people choose to get a new car that is a hybrid.  In fact, some people choose to get a hybrid simply because it is the latest "new" thing on the block at the moment!  Many other people choose hybrid cars because they are more economical, and safer for the environment.  Another reason why some people decide on getting a new hybrid car is because tax season approaches, and financially you can write off some of the value of the car.  In fact, some of the most noticeable features of the hybrid are that they have fewer emissions; they are both gas and electric starting, and they usually have better safety records.

Trick or treat

Often when someone purchases a new vehicle, they are doing so because they want to upgrade their vehicles, rather than buying like for like.  Some people want more than a regular car dealership has to offer, and even though they come with fairly good standard features, many people are asking and wondering if it is possible to trick out their new hybrids!  Like always, anything is of course possible if you have the patience, time and of course the cash.  When tricking out any vehicle, hybrid or not, money is an important factor!

When deciding if tricking out a vehicle is a good thing or not, it's purely a matter of personal choice.  In fact, the tricked out vehicles are those of younger owners; very seldom will you see older adults driving tricked out hybrids (but obviously, some people like to trick out their vehicles whatever their age).

Some people may want to trick out a hybrid, but be unsure because of the resale value.  Despite what many people think, it does not decrease the value of the car.  In fact, if anything the value may increase because of all the additions – especially to a like-minded soul who also values the tricked out look and feel!

Famous tricked out hybrid

As some people may or may not know; there are several different hybrids that have already been tricked out.  In fact, one of the most known tricked-out hybrid cars is the 2007 Honda Civic that was specially made for the rock band "The Fall Out Boys"; to go with their Honda tour.  The very first thing that was done to the car was a special paint job.  Not only is it black, but it is a custom metallic black, "gunmetal" gray, and silver that is flaked. There are also Fall Out Boy graphics, as well as their autographs on the car! On the wheels, there are 18 inch racing-looking rims that are made by Koenig; that have Dunlap tires.  The suspension of the car is a lowering suspension made by Eibach Springs.  The Honda also has a performance aero kit, and polished exhaust system that is made by Honda.

As for the inside of the car, it is just as great looking inside as it is outside!!  The interior dash and door panels are also custom painted with the Fall Out Boy graphics.  It has special ecologically friendly upholstery that's made of hemp.  Another item that's been added that is often a must for most people is a navigation system.  The system is a Honda (of course!) satellite linked navigation system.  Because the Fall Out Boy is a rock band, the audio system has also been altered, as you'd expect!  There have been additional speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers added that were provided by Alpine Electronics.  Also, there is an XM Satellite Radio as well!  As well as being very decked out, the car also has an audio clip system that has music clips from the band!

Getting parts and accessories

When it comes down to actually purchasing parts for you hybrid to trick it out, they may become very pricey!  Also, it may be difficult to find manufacturers for different parts.  However, it is possible to find tricked-out hybrid after-market parts!  One company that is known for selling quality parts and accessories is Renegade Hybrids.  Usually if a person wants to specially order parts for their hybrid vehicles or non-hybrid vehicles, they will have to order the parts directly from a car shop or an after-market store or catalog.  Most of the times when people order after-market parts, on the other hand, people will get the best deals by browsing through the catalog!  In fact, most catalog companies only charge the price of the part with the shipping; and regular after-market stores have a mark-up price that people pay!

If you are a person that is not good with working on cars, but still wants your hybrid tricked-out, then you may take it to a car shop that specializes in tricking-out vehicles!  And yes, there are shops that specialize in that!  However, many people may have to take their vehicles to a couple of different shops because many shops just specialize in one thing!

Tricking tips

When tricking out your car yourself, the first thing that should be done is the frame of the car.  Most often you will not have to do much but add minor things such as a spoiler, tinted windows, special lighting, or whatever you choose; of course after the paint job!!  Then you would start the most important thing, the interior.  The interior is what will cost the most.  Many people will get completely different seats; however, all you have to do is get seat covers which is cheaper and looks just as good!  Then, you will want to start working on all the lighting, paneling, dashboard, carpeting, and most important the audio system!  When purchasing an audio system for their hybrid, some people will even spend thousands of dollars!!  When tricking out a vehicle, it all depends on what you want and what you want to spend.  Also, it depends on what companies you choose to go through, as well.  Some companies are much more expensive than others, and yet people still use the more expensive companies because they are better known than the cheaper companies.

Along with tricking out the hybrid vehicles yourself, many of the companies are beginning to trick-out the vehicles themselves!  In fact, many of the tricked-out parts that are being added to the cars are generating additional sales for the companies.  There are many different additions to the cars that vary from company to company of course.  One of the most common additions lately is headlights on the vehicles using so-called adaptive lights.  These lights are supposed to light up around the curves of the road, rather than only shining where the car goes.  Another tricked-out change to some cars is having rear-view cameras added to the cars, so people can literally have "eyes in the back of their head" in the car – useful for parking.  The cameras help more when people are backing up, rather than moving forward.

Some of the newer models of Nissans are now offering systems that alert their sleepy drivers if they are swerving or veering into oncoming traffic or another lane of the road.  Fantastic for those long lonely journeys…  Another great addition to some vehicles is having an "intelligent" cruise control.  Intelligent cruise control keeps the cars from getting too close to other vehicles, and keeping a safe distance.  One addition that most new cars should have is one of the many available navigation systems.  However, one change that is making some of the newer models different is that they screens will soon be 3-D, and not 2-D.  They will be able to give more in-depth directions.

One mistake that most people make when trying to trick-out their vehicles is assuming that it is easy to have a vehicle to get tricked-out.  They then only realize after starting what turns out to be a long and complex project, just how difficult it can be to get the result in your mind's eye.  Therefore, that is why most people settle with the "tricked-out" vehicles that are factory made – but remember, they are not truly tricked-out!